Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tiramisu Update/Stitch from Stash

I just realized that I haven't shown my Glendon Place Tiramisu in a long time. I am so very close to finishing page one! It is a bit hard to tell because I didn't strictly stop at the end of the first page if I still have floss left when I was nearly the edge.

Glendon Place Tiramisu

I still have some border at the top to do, I'm really not a fan of stitching the border, I like straight lines better! :) It's slow going because I don't stitch every night and I've been in kinda a rut lately, which makes no sense since I just bought a ton of new projects!

I really should be working on my MIL's snowman, but I haven't really been feeling it if you know what I mean. I have to be in the mood to stitch specific things. Maybe she'll get it for Christmas instead of her birthday (which is next month). I should just try to finish it. I probably could get it done, 3 weeks is totally enough time.... *famous last words*

I purchased some Halloween patterns earlier this month:

Almost Halloween - Drawn Thread

It's Halloween - Drawn Thread

And I cannot wait to start them! But I still have my black cat to finish:

Holiday Cats pattern

I am a serial starter I think. I'm pretty close on this one though. That pumpkin is the largest thing, and it took a long time too! I would like to get it done before October, clearly!

As for stitch from stash. I went over. Again. I thought I had self control. Apparently I don't. I'm going to blame the fact that I didn't have much stash... until starting the stash challenge. I found a LNS and learned that another one was going out of business. I just had to buy things. THEN I found Steph's fabric of the month club, gotta join that, clearly. I think I'm going to back out of the challenge. I'm still going to try to keep track of my spending but I've had my eye on the needle needs stand & frame combo... which would kill the budget for an entire year (plus I want to get the 24" bars for the Tiramisu project). My husband says if it makes you happy then it's worth the cost. We both have good paying jobs and little overhead, so I want to enjoy my hobby now while life is going well because you can never predict the future.

Leave a comment below on how you're doing with the challenge (or why you aren't doing it)!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monogram Framed!

It's been way too long since my last post. Sorry about that! Life keeps getting in the way. I did finally get my cousins' monogram framed for her wedding. I really hope she likes it!

I mean, I like it, but you never know with other people. :) Sorry the picture isn't of wonderful quality, but I was kinda rushing to get it framed and wrapped and everything. ;)

I'm still waiting for my Mother's Day gift to be finished. I am getting it custom framed and it's almost $90. :( It better be amazing! I've never had anything professionally framed. I usually buy a pre-made frame and order some mats and put it together myself, so I think I have super high expectations for this.

Are you working on anything rush wise? Presents maybe!?
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Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello all, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The marathon was here this weekend which put a damper on anything we would normally do. I try to avoid everything when it's going on. We hung out at home and I got some stitching done instead!

I also got a package from Threads cross stitch store in Lancaster PA. I had visited back in September when my husbands' good friend got married out there and loved it so I "liked" them on Facebook. Well, as it turns out the owner of the store is moving to Maine and couldn't keep the store anymore (I guess no one wanted to buy it, and it was a side hobby of hers) so they were having a closing sale. 40% off everything (except DMC floss). I called and sent and email with a big list of things I would like and they were nice enough to kook around and make suggestions for other things if they didn't have something. I ended up getting 18 skeins of floss (Weeks, Crescent Colors & Gentle Arts), 5 patterns (3 LHN, 1 Drawn Thread, 1 baby pattern) and a huge piece of Belfast fabric for the Drawn Thread pattern for $57. Yes, this totally kills the budget.... again. I NEVER THOUGHT I HAD A PROBLEM... until now. But in my defense I only just started stitching again (I started at 10, but through college and beyond I didn't have time) and didn't have any stash as of June 2013. I'm making up for lost time! I didn't take a picture of the fabric, so here's a picture of my kitty with a bottle cap on her head!

I finished the monogram for my cousin!! I'm going to go get a frame & mat tonight!! I'm so glad I've finished, I started it back in January and it kept getting put off. At least it's done now! I realize I should have blurred more, but oh well. At least with the date hidden it will be slightly harder to figure out. ;)

And I decided I needed to make something for my mom for Mothers' Day. I was looking through Cross Stitch Collections past issues and I saw this in issue 220 and thought it would be great and at only 40x40 it should stitch up quickly. My parents own a house that was built in 1880, so while this isn't from that era, it is vaguely art nouveau, which my mom likes. I started around 2pm and here's where it was before I made dinner and then again before bed (around 10:30):

Everything was from stash too, you can't tell in these terrible quality pictures, but the fabric is actually a really pale pink, it's called Baby Lotion I think.  It was originally done in shades of purple, which is my favorite color, but I didn't want my mom to think I actually made it for myself and then just gave it to her because I had nothing better... Not that she would actually think that, but maybe! My mom's favorite color is red, so this kinda goes along with it. And their dining room and library are both shades of maroon so these could go well in either room if she wanted. I know she displays my December Faerie all year long so I am pretty sure she'll display this one too.

I had promised her a geisha years ago, which I still have yet to finish, it's like 3/4 done too!! It's on Aida though and it's a kit, both of which I hate. Maybe for her birthday, in September, in 2015. ;)

I'm hoping to get it finished today before I head out to get a frame for the monogram and pick up one for this too. =)

Hope everyone else was just as productive as I was this weekend! I'll take pictures of both pieces framed too!
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