Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Blues... Purples!

Hi all! This should be a pretty short update. I have not gotten much stitching done this past week because my wrists/hands have been hurting. This has happened before, so I'm not terribly concerned about it, but it is putting a damper on my stitching abilities. I think I might have a touch of carpel tunnel, but not really because my pinky fingers are affected as is my entire hand. I am not sure, maybe it the two handed stitching. It is a bit different on my wrists. If it persists I'll go to the doctor, but hopefully it goes away soon because my husband and I are planning a getaway to Texas in two weeks! We are both quite tired of the weather and are looking forward to some sunny skies. We've never been to Texas so I'm looking forward to adding a new state to our list!

Anyways, to the stitching!

I worked on Plum Pudding some more. Most of this was done on Sunday afternoon. I am almost the entire way through a page. I did overlap onto the next one if the motif did. That whole variegated thread thing!

Cross Stitch_20150127_185-1

Cross Stitch_20150127_187-1

And I worked on my Lizzie Kate Winter Wishes:

Cross Stitch_20150127_189-1

Cross Stitch_20150127_190-1

That's pretty much everything. I told you it was a slow week! Until next time!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress and a Haul

Hope January is treating everyone well! I've had a good one so far.

I won a Little House Needlework pattern from CJ over at Tea-n-Stitches! I think the card is handmade too, which is totally awesome!

Cross Stitch_20150118_161-1

I also had $50 to spend over at 123stitch so I picked up the following:

Cross Stitch_20150118_183-1

Watercolors and Wildflowers cottons for some hardanger, the thinner strands look like they could be used for cross stitch too. Has anyone used them?!? The Watercolors seem to be thicker than the DMC pearl #5, maybe I need to pick up some smaller count fabric? I don't know, I'm still trying to figure this hardanger thing out!

Some cute valentines day charts (the other one was out of stock, hopefully it'll come later this week), black anchor, a heart button for a different chart as well as some snowflake charms.

Cross Stitch_20150118_179-1

This Weeks Dye Works fabric was on clearance too:

Cross Stitch_20150118_181-1

Then The Drawn Thread released some new patterns that I just had to have:

Cross Stitch_20150118_163-1

Cross Stitch_20150118_166-1

I bought the full kit for both of them. I'm hoping to do the Love Birds one for my husband for V-Day.

I also have some progress (this was as of Sunday afternoon), Plum Pudding:

Cross Stitch_20150118_174-1

and Winter Wishes:

Cross Stitch_20150118_170-1

I also purchased a LOWERY STAND. I'm so excited. It arrived Wednesday last week so I've been using it with Plum Pudding and trying out two handed stitching. It's been going well as long as I pick up the correct color. Whoops! I'll try to do a review for everyone if they are interested after I've used it more than a week.

Does any one else use a needlework stand?
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Glendon Place SAL - I

Hi everyone, two posts in one week! Pretty good for me!

This is going to be my first post of the Glendon Place SAL that I am hosting along with Neil. You have until tonight at midnight (or until whenever tomorrow I remember to take it down) to sign up here and you'll be able to get caught up on all the rules. There are current 9 links up, 7 blogs, one Instagram (#gpsal) and the cross stitch forum has 6 members participating. It's not limited to people with blogs only. I am quite active on both Instagram (@xstitchhaven) and the cross stitch forum so I thought I would open it up to everyone! The same rules about posting progress still apply.

I will be working on Plum Pudding. This is not the first Glendon Place Amazing Dessert that I've started, if you've been following me for a bit you'll know I started with Tiramisu in 2014. I have not finished it yet (clicky for last update photo), but because there was interest in starting a stitch a-long I took the plunge and started another one! I have already decided on a third too (but I"m going to change the colors to shades of teal instead of what is charted).

Here's a picture of my supplies that I bought myself for Christmas:

Cross Stitch_20141227_076-1.jpg

I am stitching this on 28 count Antique White Lugana. I choose to do it on white instead of a hand dyed fabric like the Tiramisu project of mine because every single picture I've seen of this completed it has looked washed out and I really wanted the purple colors to stand out.

I decided to start January 1 and here's my progress so far:

Cross Stitch_20150111_150-1

I've already had to frog (rip out stitches) which is very sad. I try really hard not to have to do it with silks, but sometimes it's unavoidable. It was over a block of color that had a page change and I didn't follow through correctly, I thought it was a bit lower than it was. At least I noticed before I moved on to other blocks I suppose! Be careful with page changes everyone! ;)

Cross Stitch_20150111_148-1

There are only 4 required posts throughout 2015 for this SAL, but I am 100% sure I will be posting regular updates throughout the year. I am easily distracted so even right now I have 3 projects in Q-Snaps. Since there are 6 total pages to the pattern, my goal is one page every other month. I think that'll be sufficient for my "easily distracted self" to keep on task and not totally put it away in favor of another project, as happened to Tiramisu.

Once you've updated your blog, post a link in the comments below so everyone can go find yours!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updates and a New Start

Hope everyone's January is going well. This should be a semi-quick update.

I've been working on the Glendon Place's Plum Pudding, here's were I'm at as of Sunday.

Cross Stitch_20150111_148-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

Cross Stitch_20150111_146-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

Cross Stitch_20150111_150-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

I ended up needing to do some frogging because one of the blocks was over a page change. At least I noticed before I went ahead and did a bunch more! Plus one for me!

I started this cute Lizzie Kate pattern, Winter Wishes. I like to have something small that I can take with me places, like the sofa, to the chair, over to the bed. You know how it is.

Lizzie Kate Winter Wishes
Lizzie Kate - Winter Wishes

Cross Stitch_20150111_154-1
Lizzie Kate - Winter Wishes

No firm plans on what I'll do with it when it's finished though. Maybe I'll try my hand at another flat fold! I made a 123stitch order and in it will hopefully be a snowflake charm it put on the little house. The Lizzie Kate one was $11! Instead I bought the Mill Hill version where I got 4 snowflake charms for like, $4. Hopefully they'll be a good size!

Also, my friend came over and we exchanged Christmas presents. She made me this awesome pillow with my last name on it. She crocheted the white background then cross stitched the purple. Isn't it super nifty?!?! I love it.

Cross Stitch_20150111_156-1

I think that's it for today! I'll be back tomorrow with a Glendon Place specific update. :)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year New Starts

That's how it goes for you too right? New Year = New Starts!

I'm starting off the year strong. My last start of 2014 turned into my first finish of 2015! I decided to cross off one ornament on my long list (which can be found here), Peppermint Latte by Casey Buonaugurio Designs (you can find it in the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue).

Cross Stitch_20150102_114-1

Cross Stitch_20150102_117-1

Cross Stitch_20150106_105-1

It was done on a mystery piece of pink linen. After I took the first two pictures I realized that I forgot the bottom line, so the final picture has that! I like how it turned out! I'm going to add it to my to-be-finished pile (there's only 3 pieces there right now). I would like to go find some fabric for it, I don't really have anything suitable in my stash.

I tok one final picture of my Tirasmu before putting it away for my Plum Pudding start:

Cross Stitch_20141231_134-1

I started my Plum Pudding by Glendon Place for the SAL that Neil and I are hosting (you can still sign up here).

Cross Stitch_20150106_093-1

I was debating back and forth on the fabric choice. My Tiramisu project is on Jazlyn and has a much thicker weave to it, while this Lugana is very open. I was thinking that they would look weird side by side, but, who knows if I'll even be displaying them side by side, so I'm going to keep on with this. It'll be the same dimensions anyway. Which is what I actually cared about. The colors are so difficult to photograph. They are totally dependent on the lighting, and it's been gray clouds here for days, and probably won't let up until March!

I have also borrowed some hardanger books from the library. I thought it would be fun to try! Here's the books I got:

Cross Stitch_20150106_092-1

And here are my first two designs. Let's not talk about the counting mistakes I made on the kosher blocks that I didn't notice until way later (the white bits)... I think it's pretty fun and I am going to order some Caron Waterlilies threads (the ones that are equivalent to the DMC perles, I keep forgetting their names) to have fun with.

Cross Stitch_20150106_089-1

The JoAnn's near me really didn't have any options, so I got 2 purples, one green and white to start off with, I've found a few patterns I like so I'm thinking I'll start with the non-cut work ones and then try some cutting too.

That's it for today! Anyone else starting off into new hobbies for the new year?
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