Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updates and a New Start

Hope everyone's January is going well. This should be a semi-quick update.

I've been working on the Glendon Place's Plum Pudding, here's were I'm at as of Sunday.

Cross Stitch_20150111_148-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

Cross Stitch_20150111_146-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

Cross Stitch_20150111_150-1
Glendon Place - Plum Pudding

I ended up needing to do some frogging because one of the blocks was over a page change. At least I noticed before I went ahead and did a bunch more! Plus one for me!

I started this cute Lizzie Kate pattern, Winter Wishes. I like to have something small that I can take with me places, like the sofa, to the chair, over to the bed. You know how it is.

Lizzie Kate Winter Wishes
Lizzie Kate - Winter Wishes

Cross Stitch_20150111_154-1
Lizzie Kate - Winter Wishes

No firm plans on what I'll do with it when it's finished though. Maybe I'll try my hand at another flat fold! I made a 123stitch order and in it will hopefully be a snowflake charm it put on the little house. The Lizzie Kate one was $11! Instead I bought the Mill Hill version where I got 4 snowflake charms for like, $4. Hopefully they'll be a good size!

Also, my friend came over and we exchanged Christmas presents. She made me this awesome pillow with my last name on it. She crocheted the white background then cross stitched the purple. Isn't it super nifty?!?! I love it.

Cross Stitch_20150111_156-1

I think that's it for today! I'll be back tomorrow with a Glendon Place specific update. :)


  1. Beautiful and special gift from your friend.
    Love the Plum Pudding design, colours are so lovely in that one.

  2. Those colors in the Plum Pudding design would be so delightful to work with at this time of year... Love your new little LK start, too. And how sweet of your friend to make the name pillow! It turned out great.

    I know exactly which Mill Hill snowflake charms you ordered as I've used them in many of my finishes--they will look great on the house... And what a great price :)

    Enjoy your week, Brenda!

  3. I love your Plum Pudding design, and I also had a night of frogging to do.
    Your stitching looks wonderful , hugs.

  4. Plum Pudding is coming along great and it must be great to stitch with these colours. I love them. And you made a nice start on your LK piece.
    A great and thoughtful gift from your friend.

  5. I love Plum Pudding...and you are so far along already! At this rate I'm sure you'll make it by the end of the year ^_^

    The pillow is awesome. I never thought of cmobining crochet and cross stitch, but it does sound like a great idea to me!