Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress and a Haul

Hope January is treating everyone well! I've had a good one so far.

I won a Little House Needlework pattern from CJ over at Tea-n-Stitches! I think the card is handmade too, which is totally awesome!

Cross Stitch_20150118_161-1

I also had $50 to spend over at 123stitch so I picked up the following:

Cross Stitch_20150118_183-1

Watercolors and Wildflowers cottons for some hardanger, the thinner strands look like they could be used for cross stitch too. Has anyone used them?!? The Watercolors seem to be thicker than the DMC pearl #5, maybe I need to pick up some smaller count fabric? I don't know, I'm still trying to figure this hardanger thing out!

Some cute valentines day charts (the other one was out of stock, hopefully it'll come later this week), black anchor, a heart button for a different chart as well as some snowflake charms.

Cross Stitch_20150118_179-1

This Weeks Dye Works fabric was on clearance too:

Cross Stitch_20150118_181-1

Then The Drawn Thread released some new patterns that I just had to have:

Cross Stitch_20150118_163-1

Cross Stitch_20150118_166-1

I bought the full kit for both of them. I'm hoping to do the Love Birds one for my husband for V-Day.

I also have some progress (this was as of Sunday afternoon), Plum Pudding:

Cross Stitch_20150118_174-1

and Winter Wishes:

Cross Stitch_20150118_170-1

I also purchased a LOWERY STAND. I'm so excited. It arrived Wednesday last week so I've been using it with Plum Pudding and trying out two handed stitching. It's been going well as long as I pick up the correct color. Whoops! I'll try to do a review for everyone if they are interested after I've used it more than a week.

Does any one else use a needlework stand?


  1. You made some great purchases there, looking forward to seeing you start them. I'm also curious for your review of the stand, I'm still not sure if it would work for me or not, and since you use q snaps like I do, your experience will probably much closer to my own than that of people using scroll bars :)

  2. Such beautiful things you purchased. I've used the watercolours in a cross stitch chart, just split it as you would DMC.

  3. You got a lot of stash for your money, Brenda! I especially like the Drawn Thread charts that you selected...

    I've never used the watercolours threads, but they are so pretty... And I'm no help on the stand as I stitch in hand, but I'm sure you'll love it :)

    Enjoy this beautiful snowy day!

  4. OH my, Brenda, what a gorgeous haul of new stash. This will keep you busy for quite a while. And wonderful new DT charts among them. I love her designs but still have so many of them, unstitched, that I can't buy any new ones, lol.
    I have never used a stand or hoop or q-snaps, I have always stitched in hand and it's the best way for me, I think.

  5. I have a Lowery stand. I used it when I was stuck in a recliner post surgery and couldn't use my knees to hold the frame. Then it got put in the closet for years, but recently I pulled it out again and I'm really enjoying it.

  6. Lots of love stash and what a wonderful win from CJ. I use a lap/table stand that I find very handy as the frame sits on the arms it means I can use all kinds of frame with it. I also have a floor frame but I don't use it as much as it takes up too much space and is a pain to put together all the time.

  7. Lovely haul and your projects are looking great😊

  8. Gorgeous stash! I love Wildflower and Watercolours threads, they are some of my favourites :). I've used Wildflowers for Hardanger but also for cross stitch and as someone said above, the Watercolours divides into 3 strands that each work out the equivalent size to #5 perle.

  9. Please give a review. I am thinking about ordering the Lowery stand too. Does it hold hoops well? Thank you!