Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Updates

Hi all! It's been a long time again. I actually moved from PA to NC over Christmas so it's been pretty hectic again. We're getting settled in but we're not fully unpacked. We still need to buy some master bedroom furniture but I'm being picky and want to find something perfect which means all of our clothes are living in laundry baskets basically... Anyways, you're here for some stitching updates!

I managed to finish the Cafe Latte that I was working on for my last post:


I now have three of them done, but only two on this piece of fabric:


I also finished stitching this ornament for a friends daughter, but I haven't finished it into an ornament yet (I'm such a slacker):


I doubt she'll even remember (Olivia is 3) that she got it after Christmas was over.

I've worked on Plum Pudding a bit:



It's coming along slowly. I get super frustrated every time the frog comes around on this one since you have to fix it instead of fudging it. I think I goofed up somewhere so it got put away until it calls my name again. I do want to finish it, I love it so. I'm more of a smalls person though. I don't like things to take too long. ;)

I also finished this Lizzie Kate design:


I started it back in 2015, but I have stitchers' ADD for sure.

I started the Frosted Pumpkin's Passport project:


It's super cute so far. I love the sparkly fabric I chose (32 count raw/gold Belfast). I convinced two of my friends to do it as well. One of them has never cross stitched before, I think we're going to Skype and stitch together. :)

I also have a little bit of stash, my husband got me a gift card to 123stitch:


I didn't want to go crazy so I just got a couple things. I'm itching to start that peacock kit (with a linen instead of the aida).

What's everyone else been up too??

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