Beginners Guide

Here's a handy dandy guide to starting cross stitching. (Pictures to be added soon)

There are some basics things that you will need. Links are all to, but you can find the majority of your supplies at a big box craft stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels) and your local needlework stores (the BEST option in my opinion). If you are located in the UK I recommend the online company Sew and So. They have excellent customer service and fast shipping!
  • Hoop or Q-Snap (small sizes, depending on pattern choice, I prefer the Q-Snaps)
Another option is to find a beginners kit. 123stitch or etsy have nice options. Kits will have the majority of what you need already included! You will still need scissors and a hoop. 

Now that you have all the basics you are ready to start stitching! 

You will want to start in the middle of your fabric for most designs. You can find the center of your fabric by folding the fabric into fourths. Mark this with an extra needle. 

Try to place your fabric in the center of the hoop or Q-snaps. You can drape your fabric over the inner ring, place the outer ring over it and tighten (or place the snaps on the sides). 

Now on to threading your needle. All the floss I mentioned above is 6 strand cotton. This means there are 6 separate strands in one skein. Take a length of floss no longer than your arm length and cut it from the rest of the pack. Next tap on the end of the floss until the strands start to separate, grab one strand and pull gently (straight up from the pack, not sideways, that'll create a knot) while still holding on to the rest of the pack. Now, fold that length in half and push both ends through the eye of your needle. 

Now you are ready to start stitching! Use the eye of your needle and push it up through a hole in the fabric (from the back). Do not pull all the way through quite yet, go down through the hole diagonal to the one you can up in, and flip your work over and slide the needle through the loop created by your thread. This is called a loop start

Go up through the hole straight up from the one you just came through and repeat the previous step. Then we will do the reverse to create the "X" continue for however many stitches your pattern says. 

Happy stitching!