About Me

I go by Brenda on the internet and I am a happily married late 20 something cat lover!

I have been stitching off and on since I was 10. My mother use to demonstrate Irish lace making at the Dublin Ohio Irish festival and there was a needlework store that we always stopped at and I saw a Teresa Wentzler Spring Carousel Horse pattern that I just had to have. At age 10. My mom really didn't want to purchase it for me since I had never cross stitched before, but she did and some fabric to start on and the rest is history. I still have never finished that Carousel Horse (it's been started but remains a UFO), but I've made plenty of other things!

Cats and coffee are my favorite things (other than my husband of course) so the majority of what I stitch is for the husband and involves cats or coffee. I have a weak spot for Little House Needleworks Christmas ornaments as well!