Monday, March 31, 2014


The sun is shining this morning, makes me think that spring has finally arrived, however, it is only 27 degrees outside. I think we are still waiting. A little less patiently though.

This will be a pretty short update, I got a lot of stitching time in this weekend, I have a friend who stopped over on Saturday night on her way cross country (she is moving from the North East to the... Mid-west (is Colorado still the Midwest?)). She didn't arrive until about 3am so I had allllll day to stitch. :)

My husband has been wanting a Megaman cross stitch for awhile now, so I started and completed this for him:

It turned out quite small, the frame that I have for it is also pretty small, but still too large, so I think I am going to stitch another megaman in a different pose and then put it in the frame to fill it out a bit more.

I finished the snowflake from my last post:

I also started this for my mother in law's birthday in June:

Can anyone guess what it is? I think you can tell now, but maybe not!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Minor Updates and March SFS

Hope everyone is well. Our weather here has been bouncing back and forth between being in the 50s to being in the 20s. I'm ready for straight 50s and 60s thank you very much.

My husband & I are going to be escaping to sunny Mexico for a friends wedding quite soon and I am very ready to relax and soak in the rays (with plenty of sunscreen of course, I burn like no ones business).

A quick stitch from stash update before pictures of the pretties: I spent wayyy too much this month. As you may have read in my last post it has been a rough 2014 so I started off March by buying a pair of Gingher Designer Series scissors. I used a 40% off coupon, but that made them $23.99 anyway. I had let some money accumulate from January and February so that didn't bust the budget but the haul at did. I spent $46.18. I had been doing so well too...

Month Total Spent Total - Monthly 
January  $             37.85                            (5.02)
February  $             19.02                            (5.98)
March  $             --                            --
Total  $         56.87                            0.00

(Yes, I know the math doesn't line up, I am making March my pass month, I'm going to start with a clean slate), I went a little crazy on ebay too. :(

I guess this is my pass month, unless I don't spend any more money (which might actually be possible since I bought 4 kits and a pattern!) and then it would even out.

Anyways, on to the updates:

My Tiramisu has seen a few more stitches.  Nothing earth shattering, but I'm about half way done with page 1! 

I finished up the H for my cousins' wedding. I still need to add their last name, but I haven't decided on the font I'm going to use. If anyone has some suggestions I'm all ears!

And this was a new start. I found a border pattern on the internet with these cute little snowflakes so I thought I would do it in a nice red color, make it look a bit Scandinavian. I was actually able to finish this last night, so look for an update later in the week!!

My husband has been asking about a Megaman cross stitch, so I started that last night as well. It's super small so that should be done this week too! =)

Anyone else out there working on Christmas ornaments & presents super early?
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Stitch from ... New Things!

It has been a pretty rough year for my husband and I. My husbands' grandmother passed away in January, then his friend learned that he has an inoperable brain tumor and my husband's good friends' mother passed away two weeks ago, then my kitty that I have had since I was in 8th grade passed away just a few days later:

I know she's happier now, and no longer suffering, but that doesn't easy the heartache. I hope she and the kitty we got at the same time:

Are cuddling together on the other side of the rainbow bridge. It's always really hard to loose a furbaby and while the pain will ease, they will always have a special place in my heart. My parents still have one furbaby and so do I, and they are helping us through the sadness!


And my parents cat (who never stands still, who we got when I was about 16):

It's been pretty rough. We are all ready for the upswing to start.

On a more positive note, I got my IRS refund, regular paycheck and a bonus at work all within 4 days of each other so I splurged a bit:

I bought:
  • Kitty's Gift & Kitty's Stocking kits by Mill Hill
  • Damask Square by Ink Circles (to go on that purple fabric I got in February)
  • Royal Orchid & Royal Capri Mill Hill kits
  • 3 Floss(es?) - Weeks/DMC/Classic Colorworks
  • LHN Gingerbread Cookie pattern (for April's ornament!) 
Needless to say the Stitching from Stash budget was blown wide open and I don't even regret it. Maybe I won't buy anything in April & May... Maybe... :)

How are you sticking to your budget? Better than me I hope!

Also totally unrelated I switched my tumblr and blog web addresses. Tumblr is at & my blogspot account is at I started the Tumblr first but blogger has the better writing platform. Tumblr is mostly quick pictures, but I have more followers there. :)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress on Tiramisu

Another little update, I hope no one minds but I love doing a bunch of small posts instead of waiting for a big one. I personally love pictures so as long as there is a picture to go with a short little story then I'm happy!

I had shown the floss toss about a month back on the Glendon Place Amazing Desserts Series that I was going to do:

It's Tiramisu in case anyone was wondering. I've also got my eye on Pumpkin Swirl and Plum Pudding. Eventually... I got the amazing fabric from Crafty Kitten (peach sorbet)!

Here's my start on it:

and as of last night:

Considering I completed the Seven Pines cross stitch in the middle of these two pictures (2 weeks apart) I am super pleased with the progress! I love love love working with the Dinky Dyes silk. It is so nice and smooth!
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Ornament

Finished March's ornament only 5 days into the month! I've been late every other month, so this is pretty good for me. :) This was a super quick stitch, I love finishing things quickly!

I'm going to have a finishing day later in the year with my mom (since she is wonderful with a sewing machine and I ... am not).

Remember you can find the free pattern here and the DMC numbers are listed here. Has anyone else completed this pattern? Anyone planning on doing it?
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just a small update

Just a small updated today. I’ve been slowly working on my March ornament in between life things. It’s a freebie called Seven Pines by Little House Needleworks. You can find it here: Seven Pines unfortunately she forgot to add the color numbers, so they are included in the post right after this one. :) This is a pretty quick and easy pattern, so if anyone is looking for something quick in between (or during) larger projects it’s great! Anyone else planning to do this pattern?

via Tumblr

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