Monday, March 24, 2014

Minor Updates and March SFS

Hope everyone is well. Our weather here has been bouncing back and forth between being in the 50s to being in the 20s. I'm ready for straight 50s and 60s thank you very much.

My husband & I are going to be escaping to sunny Mexico for a friends wedding quite soon and I am very ready to relax and soak in the rays (with plenty of sunscreen of course, I burn like no ones business).

A quick stitch from stash update before pictures of the pretties: I spent wayyy too much this month. As you may have read in my last post it has been a rough 2014 so I started off March by buying a pair of Gingher Designer Series scissors. I used a 40% off coupon, but that made them $23.99 anyway. I had let some money accumulate from January and February so that didn't bust the budget but the haul at did. I spent $46.18. I had been doing so well too...

Month Total Spent Total - Monthly 
January  $             37.85                            (5.02)
February  $             19.02                            (5.98)
March  $             --                            --
Total  $         56.87                            0.00

(Yes, I know the math doesn't line up, I am making March my pass month, I'm going to start with a clean slate), I went a little crazy on ebay too. :(

I guess this is my pass month, unless I don't spend any more money (which might actually be possible since I bought 4 kits and a pattern!) and then it would even out.

Anyways, on to the updates:

My Tiramisu has seen a few more stitches.  Nothing earth shattering, but I'm about half way done with page 1! 

I finished up the H for my cousins' wedding. I still need to add their last name, but I haven't decided on the font I'm going to use. If anyone has some suggestions I'm all ears!

And this was a new start. I found a border pattern on the internet with these cute little snowflakes so I thought I would do it in a nice red color, make it look a bit Scandinavian. I was actually able to finish this last night, so look for an update later in the week!!

My husband has been asking about a Megaman cross stitch, so I started that last night as well. It's super small so that should be done this week too! =)

Anyone else out there working on Christmas ornaments & presents super early?

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