Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Progress on Tiramisu

Another little update, I hope no one minds but I love doing a bunch of small posts instead of waiting for a big one. I personally love pictures so as long as there is a picture to go with a short little story then I'm happy!

I had shown the floss toss about a month back on the Glendon Place Amazing Desserts Series that I was going to do:

It's Tiramisu in case anyone was wondering. I've also got my eye on Pumpkin Swirl and Plum Pudding. Eventually... I got the amazing fabric from Crafty Kitten (peach sorbet)!

Here's my start on it:

and as of last night:

Considering I completed the Seven Pines cross stitch in the middle of these two pictures (2 weeks apart) I am super pleased with the progress! I love love love working with the Dinky Dyes silk. It is so nice and smooth!

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