Monday, March 31, 2014


The sun is shining this morning, makes me think that spring has finally arrived, however, it is only 27 degrees outside. I think we are still waiting. A little less patiently though.

This will be a pretty short update, I got a lot of stitching time in this weekend, I have a friend who stopped over on Saturday night on her way cross country (she is moving from the North East to the... Mid-west (is Colorado still the Midwest?)). She didn't arrive until about 3am so I had allllll day to stitch. :)

My husband has been wanting a Megaman cross stitch for awhile now, so I started and completed this for him:

It turned out quite small, the frame that I have for it is also pretty small, but still too large, so I think I am going to stitch another megaman in a different pose and then put it in the frame to fill it out a bit more.

I finished the snowflake from my last post:

I also started this for my mother in law's birthday in June:

Can anyone guess what it is? I think you can tell now, but maybe not!

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