Sunday, April 13, 2014

We're back!

We escaped the dreary weather here and headed down to Mexico fr a week for a friends wedding. It was quite lovely! The resort we stayed at was very nice (but expensive) and the wedding went quite well! We headed down to Playa del Carmen after the wedding and had a great time down there too.

Back to the grind unfortunately. We went back to work on Thursday and have been busy ever since. No need to settle down, we're still young! We went to a local beer festival yesterday and then today was my cousin's bridal shower and soon we will head over to my in-laws for an Easter dinner (early I know).

Here are some updates:

I finished the red ornament:

Did a bit more on my Tirasmiu:

And I won a lot of 57 (yes, seriously) fabrics on ebay:

I have created a spreadsheet with all the colors, counts, and sizes. =)

I think that's all for today, enjoy the nice weather (if you are starting to see some).

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