Monday, March 17, 2014

Stitch from ... New Things!

It has been a pretty rough year for my husband and I. My husbands' grandmother passed away in January, then his friend learned that he has an inoperable brain tumor and my husband's good friends' mother passed away two weeks ago, then my kitty that I have had since I was in 8th grade passed away just a few days later:

I know she's happier now, and no longer suffering, but that doesn't easy the heartache. I hope she and the kitty we got at the same time:

Are cuddling together on the other side of the rainbow bridge. It's always really hard to loose a furbaby and while the pain will ease, they will always have a special place in my heart. My parents still have one furbaby and so do I, and they are helping us through the sadness!


And my parents cat (who never stands still, who we got when I was about 16):

It's been pretty rough. We are all ready for the upswing to start.

On a more positive note, I got my IRS refund, regular paycheck and a bonus at work all within 4 days of each other so I splurged a bit:

I bought:
  • Kitty's Gift & Kitty's Stocking kits by Mill Hill
  • Damask Square by Ink Circles (to go on that purple fabric I got in February)
  • Royal Orchid & Royal Capri Mill Hill kits
  • 3 Floss(es?) - Weeks/DMC/Classic Colorworks
  • LHN Gingerbread Cookie pattern (for April's ornament!) 
Needless to say the Stitching from Stash budget was blown wide open and I don't even regret it. Maybe I won't buy anything in April & May... Maybe... :)

How are you sticking to your budget? Better than me I hope!

Also totally unrelated I switched my tumblr and blog web addresses. Tumblr is at & my blogspot account is at I started the Tumblr first but blogger has the better writing platform. Tumblr is mostly quick pictures, but I have more followers there. :)

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