Sunday, January 19, 2014

Glendon Place - Tirasmu

The picture to above is my order that I placed on December 31st. They were out of stock of on color, so that should be shipping later this month. It was my final purchase before 2014 and the Stitch from Stash challenge!

My husband had also gotten me a gift card to CraftyKitten so I purchased some awesome hand dyed fabric and the pattern to Glendon Place’s Tiramisu (part of the desserts series). It’s mostly done in silks (Dinky Dyes as you can see above) and one or two Sullivans floss (which I will probably sub out for DMC). The final design is going to be:
Tiramisu - Glendon Place

Since the CaftyKitten is located in the UK, and all the fabric is dyed to order I'm not expecting it until the end of the month. I ordered those right after Christmas and the lovely Dawn was on vacation at the time.

I have also started a cute little project for a card for my husband for V-Day, I'll upload some pictures of that once I get something more interesting in. I've been trying to do it while he's not around, so it's very slow going!

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