Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Halloween Stitching

This week has gone by quite quickly and I can't really say why.

I've been busy stitching up the Frosted Pumpkin's Halloween Town, so I'm going to blame that! I watched a ton of Grimm episodes (season 2, don't go spoiling it for me) while relaxing on Sunday and I'm a bit over half way done with the second clue now:

It looks so pretty in the sunlight! I'm glad I took a picture out on our balcony. It really shows how bright it is. I decided the change up the house to be purple, it was going to be the same color as the Bride of Frankenstein's face, but I really didn't like that.

I really can't say how much I love the fabric I'm using. It's the Tempest from Steph's Fabby. It's so nice and soft and a wonderful purple/pink color. I really do recommend her fabrics!!!

Any suggestions on what to do with this piece when it is finished? I think it's suppose to be a wide pattern, so maybe a lumber shaped pillow? I don't really want to frame it for two reasons, one, it's expensive and two it'll only be out at Halloween anyway!

Before the second clue came out, I did a bit more on Jolly Jack:

It's on Permin linen. Has anyone used it before? It's reallllly stiff, which I wasn't expecting. I had the fabric in my stash from the eBay haul of mine. :)

Picture this Plus's annual sale is on Friday! I've already filled my cart with opalescent fabrics (which I've never used before, and I've never used a PtP fabric either). I have three for sure (all Halloween colors, Echo, Fog & Haunted), but I'm debating getting the supplies for Glendon Place's Plum Pudding as well (fabric Sprite, Dinkie Dyes & beads). I have no intention of starting until I finish my current piece though. Decisions decisions!

I'm traveling next week for work, I think I'm going to bring another Mill Hill kit, but not the same kitty one I have been doing. I really don't like having to work with beads on the plane/in the airport. I'm afraid I'm going to lose them all. I'm thinking one of the Tiny Treasure kits I have. I have a cute little 4" hoop just for them!

What has been keeping you busy? Have you started any Halloween projects yet?


  1. Looks like you're in full-on halloween mood, and that in July! But small wonder, with all those super-cute designs I'm feeling all halloween-y myself, and I don't even celebrate it ^_^ So please excuse me, I have to do some more staring
    at Halloween Town while grinning evily and muttering 'Soon...'~

    1. It's my husband's favorite holiday! I never liked it because I felt it took too much attention way from my birthday (which is a few days before). I guess I've grown up and care less. :) Fall rocks my socks though!