Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Threads and Halloween

I think this is going to be a shorter than average post (for me anyway). I got my threads in from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!

I cannot wait to try them out, as soon as I finish my current project (or this weekend...) I'm going to find a pattern to use some of them. The colors are so rich and the most wonderful thing about them is that they are in 20 yard skeins. There's a ton of every color. I think I'm going to need all of the colors that she makes.... Nancy also included two freebie skeins which was so nice and generous. I highly recommend her shop!

I also ordered a Halloween colored finishing pack from here:

I'm pretty excited about these! I have at least 3 things to use this on right now. I also think I'm going to get some of her other bundles. She included a bag of brown buttons for free too! She's such a sweet lady. :)

And here's my progress on the Happy Halloween by Silver Creek Samplers that I'm making:

I managed to finish the N last night. I haven't started adding in any of the colors yet, but I'm itching to put in the pumpkin jack o'lantern on top of the N though, so I might do that tonight.

I'm not sure what I'm going to go work on after this. I'm starting to get into the Christmas stitching mode, not Christmas decorating or anything. I made a list and I have 4 babies to make ornaments for and 2 sets of parents plus my cousin. AND I was planning to make a gingerbread ornament for myself like I made my husband... Anyone else stitch gifts for Christmas?


  1. Those colors are lovely...are they solids? I also love that Halloween design you're working on, it's so cute and I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished, won't spoil the suprise for myself by looking up what it will be like ^_^

    1. Most of them are solids, but one of the blues isn't and I think the green has a slight variegation to it as well.

      Thanks! It's going to be super cute, I added a pumpkin last night that's super adorable. I think I'll have it done in two weeks. I would say this week, but we're going away for the weekend and I can't stitch on linen in the car... :D

  2. Love the look of your Halloween piece!

  3. Hi Brenda :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog... I'm happy to have found yours, too! In answer to your question on The Big Pour--we were at the evening session because we have family driving in from IN and KY to attend each year and they can't make it in time for the early session. I'm still trying to work off the weight I gained from that tasty food!!!

    Love your new threads and finishing goodies as well as your little Halloween WIP. I have that one in my line-up, too :)