Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Wishes

I have a finish!!! That makes two for January. It would be totally awesome if I could get two done a month. I'm not holding my breath though!

Here's Winter Wishes by Lizzie Kate

Cross Stitch_20150201_208-1-2

Cross Stitch_20150201_212-1

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I think it's quite darling! I didn't buy the "official" snowflake charm, which was silver. I instead opted to buy this Mill Hill set which had 4 charms. I think it looks just as cute. I also changed the smoke from the blue charted to gray, made more sense to me. None of the colors were the called for ones, I just kinda went with what I had in my stash. :)

I don't think I did any work on the Plum Pudding, but here it is anyway, I know you all love it as much as I do. ;)

Cross Stitch_20150201_214-1

And a closeup:

Cross Stitch_20150201_216-1

My goal is one page every two months, and I'm very very close to finishing the first page. :) You can see the darkest purple petal in the lower right hand corner, I've almost reached the center of the design with that motif. It seems to be going more quickly than my Tiramisu was. Not sure why.

I bought these both on eBay (photo credit to Glendon Place):

Baked Alaska

Cherries Jubilee

I got both of them with shipping for $14. I'm so excited about that. I think I'm going to change the Baked Alaska colors to shades of teal instead of the blues charted. And Cherries Jubilee I'm going to keep the same. Someday. After I finish Plum Pudding & Tiramisu. :D

I also managed to do some more hardanger. Not much, but I did my first cutting!!! It's more work to hide those stupid threads than I thought it would be.

Cross Stitch_20150201_205-1

I practiced in the upper left corner, I have a bunch of cutting to do in the diamond shaped one on the right. I'm still practicing before using the new threads I bought. I also think I want to work on 25 count instead of the 28 I'm currently using. It's a bit too small in my opinion for the size threads I have. I think I've got some 25 count hiding around here somewhere.

That's it for this week! Hoping everyone had a wonderful January and that February will treat you well!

PS I'm planning a giveaway for passing my 1 year blog anniversary AND for hitting 750 followers on instagram (xstitchhaven). I'm still sorting out what's in the package. Stay tuned!


  1. Fantastic finish, it's so cute. Great new stash and well done on the hardanger it looks wonderful. Wow 750 followers, that's very impressive.

  2. Cute little finish, and I agree, we all love Plum Pudding! I'm really looking forward to your conversion of Baked Alaska, those ice blues are stunning, but maybe a little to much so...

  3. Lovely finish! Neat purchases you got there, will look forward for your WIPs;)

  4. Winter Wishes looks great with the snowflake charms. Always great to see Plum Pudding even if you stitched on it or not! You made a killing with the two charts from eBay, great price for them.

  5. Great finish! Nice job on Plum Pudding so far. That Baked Alaska pattern could give me visions of a new start, just what I need, ha. Well done with the hardanger, someday I may try that too.

  6. That's a sweet little finish. And nice progress on your WIP. These colours are just gorgeous. The perfect piece to play with colours, isn't it? And your new purchases will just be the same. A lot of fun ahead.

  7. Lovely finish. Nice new purchases.
    Good luck with the hardanger cutting.

  8. congrats on the finish!! The new charts look great!! lovely stitching :)

  9. I was up in NY visiting my mom last week so am WAY behind on commenting, Brenda! This new LK finish is so cute--love those Mill Hill charms. I use them a lot, too :)

    Your WIP is coming along well and I'm so impressed by your hardanger. I have never had the nerve to try it--the cutting part just scares me to death!

    Hope your February is going well--looks like another cold spell by the end of the week, but yesterday sure was nice, wasn't it?