Thursday, March 15, 2018


Hi my cross stitch friends!

I've been MIA for a really long time now, mostly because my cross stitch progress has been pitiful. Really, it's because I have started quilting. I bought another domain so I could do my quilt things in a blog type form as well, but then I never got around to it.

I thought it might be nice to share some of my more recent projects here anyway. Maybe it'll be a xStitchHaven - Cross Stitch and Quilting Blog. :)

Quilting_20171203_9.jpg My King Size Swoon Quilt

It took me 11 months from start to finish, but totally worth it. I kept getting board and I really hate doing borders and sashing. It looks fantastic on my bed, so it was worth it.

I recently finished 3 baby quilts:
Mesa Valley Pattern
Mesa Valley with Tula Pink fabric, this was in a SewSampler box (the colored prints & pattern). I love how this turned out and part of me didn't want to give it away!

Fancy Foxes - Elizabeth Hartman

This one used Rhoda Ruth Fabrics

Chuckles - Elizabeth Hartman

An Elizabeth Hartman pattern again, using Reef fabrics, this was also in a Sew Sampler box.

I also made two Christmas quilts I just couldn't part with:


I made this pattern up using 2 packages of charm squares in Juniper Berry by Basic Grey. I really love all their Christmas collections and have already preordered their 2018 one.


This was using "Jolly Bars" (5"x10" precuts) in Merry Berry fabric. I love love love this. It's my favorite of the two. I could not part with it though it's original purpose was a Christmas present.

My favorite is how I quilted it, spirals in a gold thread called "Vegas Gold". Swoon. Drool. LOVE. 

I started quilting when I moved to North Carolina just over 2.5 years ago. It's very addicting, just like cross stitch it, but I find (with the exceptions of course) that I finish projects so much faster. It's a more expensive hobby but the results are so much sooner. I've been dragged into the community full force! 

I took a picture framing course last spring and managed to frame about 15 things. 5 or so were cross stitch pieces that had been hanging out in my "finished" drawer. I'll have to dig up some pictures. Since then, I've finished 4 more things to frame. :D 

Also, this past fall, I took a photography class. I've been putting that to use in my finished quilts photos. I'm really loving how everything is turning out and how everything is so connected. :) 

Anything new up with you lovely readers? Am I the only one who moves form hobby to hobby?


  1. What a talent you have for quilting, they are stunning.

    1. Thanks!! I'm really happy with how they all turned out.

  2. I don't think anyone will mind reading about your quilting on this's stunning, after all! I especially love love love the little foxes.
    YOur pictures are looking great too, that class vertainly was worth taking :)