Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I'm thinking that this is going to be a short post, but I can ramble when needed.

I worked on an Ink Circles design for my mini of the month. I can't show the awesome progress though because it's for a swap. I did finish the front! I just designed the back (it's really just words) so I'll stitch that up and finish it (with beads) so I can mail it out before I head on vacation in November!

Since I can't show you pictures of my mini progress, I thought I'd show my oldest UFO and the first pattern I ever bought. They are one in the same:

Can you guess what it is?

For those of you Teresa Wentzler fans, you'll know. It's the Spring Carousel Horse. I begged my mom to buy it for me back when I was about 8 before I had even ever cross stitched. I only tried to attempt it a few years back when I was in college. As you can tell it's on Aida. This was before I knew about linen. With the number of fractional stitches in all of TW's patterns, you will know what a terrible idea Aida was. This is it's unfinished state for about 10 years. I really want to do it... on linen. Eventually. After I *cough* finish my other big projects.

My first project ever was a little tiny peach unicorn which I did finish, but have since lost. My X's were going every which way. But I did finish it!

Here's the oldest finished piece that I've kept. When I was younger the majority of my stitching was given away as gifts, but for some reason this one never did. The back looks terrible, but it's the front that counts right?!

It's a checkbook cover from some magazine I had hanging around. I still think it's cute and I might try to wash it at some point. It's nice to look back and see how far I've come in my stitching. As well as seeing all the awesome pattern options out there now!

I finally received my Picture This Plus order from their Christmas in July sale:

From left to right: Heather; Mirage; Crystal Haunted; Crystal Echo. I must say that I'm rather disappointed in my choices. I know the monitor looks much different, but I'm really not pleased with the regular (non-crystal) fabric's I got (I do like the two crystal's though). I'm thinking it might go in a give away of mine come December/January (so stay tuned for that!) They are all 32 count Lugana. They were realllly difficult to photograph as well, so they only kinda look like the pictures. I was really hoping that the Mirage's "gray and purple" was going to be more... gray and purple. Oh well! I might still be able to find something to put on them.

I got my FOTM from Stephanie's Fabby's but of course I forgot to take a picture. I'll try to remember for next post. It's a lovely purple color!!

And before I forget, hop on over to Nacy's blog (Victorian Motto Sampler Threads) for 3 chances at a give away from her thread collection!  Here's her 1840 Collection and her 1795 Collection!

I think that's all folks! Tell me about your first project in the comments! Did you finish yours? What was it?


  1. My first was candy cane Santa by dimensions.

  2. My first cross stitch was a Pennsylvania Dutch design I got from a library book. I did it on some regular linen, not meant for cross stitch, so the threads in the fabric were all different thicknesses. It came out surprisingly well, but was hard to do. I finished the stitching, but never made it into pillow as I had intended. I'm pretty sure it's still around here somewhere.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics from Picture This Plus.

    I thought that was a Teresa Wentzler piece. They are so intricate but so pretty.

  4. My first cross stitch ever was actually stamped, some floral (?) design on a breadcloth that I gace to my father...I bet he was less than thrilled, the whole thing was super pink :D

    My first counted design was some strawberries, they were three small seperate designs actually but I put them all in one picture and my grandma got them framed ^_^

    I hope you'll get around to do the spring horse some day, they are so very pretty!

  5. Oh, I remember trying to do fractional stitches on Aida--it sure wasn't fun or pretty!! I hope you do get a chance to stitch it on linen some day.

    Your fabrics look nice on my monitor--maybe they'll "grow on you" the longer you have them :)

  6. Lovely stitching, yes fractionals on AIDA are a NIGHTMARE. My first project was a mini piece of a watering can with flowers and I did indeed finish it but if I remember it took ages, even though it was really small. I was trying to teach myself to stitch and I used knots to start and finish the threads. Also I didn't center it on a fabric properly so it's off centre. However I still have it and love it anyway.

  7. Lovely lovely stitching!
    I still stitch on aida...but always try to pick a design that doesn't have fractionals in! My first cross stitch piece ever was a little DMC kitted bookmark.....with metallic threads! I almost gave up on cross stitch because of those metalics! But I got thorugh it and am now hooked!

  8. My first two stitches were a a pair of mini samplers from Anchor. I was hooked from then on! You can see them both on my Happy Dance blog.