Thursday, October 30, 2014


Sorry it's later than normal, but here's my last posting for the Mega Mini Month of Madness Smalls edition! The month has gone by quick quickly per usual. My birthday was yesterday so all month long I've been getting little presents from various people.

My MIL gave me money (best gift ever) so I went out and purchased some Drawn Thread kits! I got Full Moon & Haunting Halloween.

You can purchase them both here: Halloween Shop. I purchased the full kit for Full Moon, but thanks to my husband's gift card to 123stitch, I purchased the Haunting Halloween pattern over on there. Both of these patterns came with their own pieces of fabric which is super great as well (though I'm sure I could have found something in my stash).

I also got the kit (minus the pattern, bought that on 123stitch as well) for The Holly and the Ivy. I think my parents will love it. But who knows, maybe I'll want to keep it for myself? I love these kits because you get everything for less. Those silks by the skein are pretty pricey, so I think it's totally worth it to just buy the kit in this situation.

I've really have to start my ornament stitching. I have 4 "babies" whom I want to stitch for. I did already pick out which patterns for each kid, so that's a start right?!

I have almost finished the back of my swap ornament. I swear, the second you put a deadline on something, it gets regulated to the bottom of the list. I just don't want to work on it anymore... I will get it done though. I seriously only have to add the year to the back... then stitch it up!

I did pull out my Glendon Place Tiramisu again:

I really do love stitching this. Those Dinky Dyes are awesome. I'm just slow... because I have like 8 million other projects!

For those of you who are also doing MMMM how many designs did you finish? I got 3 done, 2 from the start and 1 half way done at the beginning of the month.

Until next time,


  1. I managed 4 finishes! :) I love that Holly and Ivy kit and Tiramisu is coming along so nicely. I never thought I'd do a pattern like that but I keep looking at Plum Pudding....:)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!!:) glad to know that you had a great time receiving gifts.
    Lovely stitching on your project. I completed 3 minis, all from scratch. Started 4th but could not complete.

  3. I just counted up and am amazed to find I finished 9 minis! I'm continuing this SAL (with Pull the Other Thread's blessing) into November if you would like to join in? Sign up on my blog before Nov 5th.

  4. Happy Birthday. Well done on a successful Mini month. I got 3 finished and a fourth started. I'm actually quite happy with that. Lots of lovely new stash.

  5. Belated happy birthday! I love the kits you bought and the Tiramisu is looking lovely 😀

  6. Belated happy birthday from me as well! I love the kits you got, can't wait to see you start stitching them. Tiramisu is really pretty as well, I don't think I've seen it before but it's just lovely!