Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MMMM 2.2

Hi all! I'm back again for MMMM (Mega Mini Madness Month) hosted in November by Justine!

I was hoping to complete this little guy's buddy by today, but it looks like I wasn't quite there. I am really close though!

I'm bring him on vacation with me and also two patterns from Cross Stitcher magazine, I can't remember which issue right now, but it's these adorable little deer. I'm going to make two of them on this same light blue fabric!

I have a 14 hour flight (hopefully sleeping) and at least one 5 hour train ride, so I'm hoping to get Mr. Presents done and hopefully a lot of one of the deer. I also am bringing a Little House Needleworks design just in case. I scanned everything into my iPad, so it's not like, taking up room or anything!

I'm off to start packing! Hopefully I'll have another update for you next Wednesday with some travel pictures!

Anyone else travel with their stitching?


  1. Sounds like you're packed and prepared for your least where the cross stitch is concerned! Minis are perfect for travelling. I always have something small in my bag and stitch on the train to/from work...only an hour a day but it soon mounts up!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip xx

  2. Have a great trip!

    Love your mini. He's so cute.

  3. That sounds like one long trip, but at least you'll have a cute traveling companion :) Yes, I always travel with my stitching--I am addicted!! Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. Heavens I couldn't contemplate travel without stitching!!!! Travel safely and stitch happily!

  5. Whyt a cute little guy...can't wait to see him finished when you return, and whatever else you decide to work on during your trip!