Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Show Your Stash: Patterns

Back again with another Show Your Stash from Anna. This is from an old post (mid-October), but I thought it would be a great filler to use while I'm on vacation! 

When you shop for patterns, do you buy on impulse or do you buy only what you need?   Umm, what is this word "need" being used. I impulse by patterns. I can't go into a LNS without buying something (which is usually floss, but sometimes a pattern).

How do you sort your patterns—by designer? theme? Season?  Sort patterns? Funny. I "sort" mine by size. Example, small Lizzie Kate's live in my sewing box in a specific tier, but full sized patterns live at the bottom or in some IKEA furniture we have. I've been meaning to get some page protectors and put them into the 8 million 3 ring binders I own thanks to studying for actuarial exams. I bought the protectors, but still have made 0 progess on this goal. 

How do you store your patterns? I guess I answered this above! The majority of my patterns are in my sewing box that I found at a local junk store, but all the over sized ones are in my Ikea cubbies. I stitch by scanning them into my iPad, so I don't really need to have it on hand any time after that so they get stuck in various places. 

Which designer do you own the most patterns by? Probably Little House Needleworks or Lizzie Kate. I'm a smalls fan, and they both design tons of cute smalls. 

Which designer have you stitched the most patterns by? Hmm, I think it's a pretty close tie... between LHN  and L*K with maybe Lizzie Kate for the slight edge. Mostly ornaments. 

What tips do you have for building up a well-rounded stash? This is more difficult, I have many many magazines that I purchased at a book sale one time, so I guess, don't restrain yourself if everything is a quarter! 

When do you say enough is enough? When you have no room left? Or when you start buying the same pattern more than once? This is a personal decision. 

How do you whittle your stash down when it's gotten too large? Giveaways! There's probably someone who would also love what you love! 

Do you have a current favorite in your stash? Let’s see it! My current favorite is probably Plum Pudding by Glendon Place. I don't know why I didn't start it first (I'm currently working on Tiramisu), but it's my favorite at the moment.

Feel free to join us and post a link to your post below! 


  1. "Don't restrain yourself if everything is a quarter!" LOL! Love your philosophy.

  2. I don't know why, but I love reading about other people's stash...kind of like window shopping without the danger of buying, haha :D